United Hero: CeeCee Ross-Lyles

CeeCee Ross-Lyles

CeeCee Lyles CeeCee Ross-Lyles
34 years old
Fort Myers, FL

Mrs. Lyles was one of the flight attendants on board United 93. Before working as a flight attendant, she was a police officer for six years. She resigned because the airline industry offered more perks and less stress.

Mrs. Lyles husband, Lorne, a police officer, received a phone call that morning. She was surprisingly calm, he said, considering the screaming he heard in the background.

"Just hearing my wife saying she loved us through all that chaos on that plane is just embedded in my heart forever," he said.

Mrs. Lyles' son Jerome Smith is 16 years old. "Everything that happened, the tragedy, was for a cause," he said.

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