United Hero:  Deborah Welsh

Deborah Welsh

Nicole Miller

Deborah "Debbie" Anne Jacobs Welsh
49 years old
New York, NY

Debbie Welsh was one of the flight attendants.

Her sister Eileen wrote in with this message:

Debbie was my big sister and always there to listen, give support, encouragement, and love. She and I had so much fun together and laughed at the silliest things! Losing her is like losing a part of myself; I feel such a void and I miss her so much that, sometimes, the pain is unbearable. She loved life and really enjoyed people, which is why she loved her job and was so good at it. Debbie was the Pursor on Flight 93, which means she worked in first class and had access to the cockpit, so the terrorists had to get to her first. We don't know what happened to Debbie on that flight; she had a cell phone but didn't call. Maybe she wasn't able to. But perhaps, being as professional as she was, she was just doing her job and kept the passengers as calm and comfortable as she could. God Bless you, Debbie, I love you.

Mike Hayes visited UnitedHeroes.com and wrote in on September 11, 2002:

Debbie was a parishioner in my church who I had the pleasure to know. Her husband, Patrick served with me on the Parish Council and Debbie's beeming smile was always easy to see in our choir.

I know Debbie was probably one of the first people to be killed, or at the very least, attacked, since she was working in first class that day. She gave her life for her passengers, and while she was alive she gave her life to others. She always helped the homeless, the underprivileged, and even had a love for animals. She not only gave food to the homeless but also offered sound advice.

"You know, you'll make more money if you stand on the next corner," she told one homeless man, as she gave him a meal. The next time he saw her, he thanked her. She had doubled his daily revenue.

That's the way Debbie was. Always willing to help. She always had a joke, a big smile, and time to encourage others. Although it's been one year since Debbie died, I can still vividly see her, sitting in my choir, singing louder and more elegantly than anyone else. She's my hero now. As a good catholic should, I pray to saints and martyrs. Today, I'll pray to St. Debbie and I know that God'll have a laugh or two when she presents my needs to him on my behalf.

Just like she always did during her life, even in those final moments.

Mike Hayes
Associate Director
Paulist Young Adult Ministries
(212) 265 3209 x205

Another visitor to UnitedHeroes.com wrote in to say:

[Debbie] is the wife of a friend of my fiance -- I'd only met her a few times, but that was enough to know that she seemed to have an incredible zest for life. Debbie's smile is her most beautiful feature, and I can imagine that her smile must have comforted all of the other people on her flight. She and her husband Patrick seemed to be so right together, and I'm so sorry for his loss. I know that her loss will leave an empty place in many hearts.

This message about her was found on AmericanMemorials.com:

Debbie and I were classmates at Notre Dame, Moylan, Class of 70. �She was very outgoing and had a great sense of humor. �I am sure that she was a great source of comfort to the passengers during their ordeal and most likely had a significant role in thwarting the hijackers from reaching their ultimate destination. -Pat Murray

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