United Hero:  Linda Gronlund

Linda Gronlund

Linda Gronlund Linda Gronlund
46 years old
Warwick, NY

An employee of BMW, working in environmental compliance.

David Freilich, VP and General Counsel for Volvo Financial Services, and David Wertheim, VP and General Counsel for Ferrari North America Inc. wrote into Automotive News regarding Linda Gronlund:

To those of us who knew her while she worked at Volvo Cars of North America from 1985 to 1990, Linda will always be remembered as an uplifting and professional colleague and friend.

What set Linda apart from others, however, was the laser-like intensity and passion with which she went about her work. We have no doubt that Linda played a key role in ensuring that Flight 93 never struck its intended target.

Sadly, the automotive community has lost one of its finest members.

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